Android BOX – 5 Features to Consider to get the Best Box

Many of you recognize Android as a mobile OS designed to smoothly run on a smartphone, tablet, PDA and other mobile computing devices. However Android has started set-top box world as well and nowadays Android boxes are aplenty for streaming media content. Android home entertainment streamers provide a suitable environment for viewer’s optimal experience. Stay on to find out how to choose the best Android box among other boxes on the market!

What Is an Android Box? 

An Android box is a TV set-top box running on Android operating system and built to stream online media content from services such as Netflix, Hulu, and even other mobile devices, such as PC or tablet. It has many exclusive features of a pure streaming media box that maximise your home TV experience by providing easy access to movies, games, sports, live programs, and more. Android boxes provide HD video support and allow  browsing the Internet directly through your TV. Thus you can effortlessly convert your TV into an effective multimedia device. Certain crucial traits are essential to consider, especially if you want getting the best product.

5 Features to Consider to get the Best Android Box 

Design based on usage functionality – it is sometimes a challenge to set your home entertainment system up. Wire connecting one device to another, examining cable signal, and cross-checking the connections consumes lots of time. Due to this reason, your new Android box should be designed for easy usage that can be set up fast and operate effortlessly. Try researching the available Android box models on your own and pay close attention to installation and setup processes as well as how user-friendly menu is.

Processing Speed – The Android box functions like a mini PC, meaning the performance is controlled by the same principles as your laptop or desktop. Processing speed (CPU & GPU) is an important aspect to consider because every application or file you run on the box gets affected by it. For most applications, a dual-core processor is enough to smoothly run the box. However, a quad-core processor is an advantage if you play any advanced game application on the device. A quad-core processor not just ensures fast performance but also helps the device ready for the future to last for years without a significant performance loss.

Android Box inputs and outputs – The AV and Ethernet ports on an Android box differ from one model to another. Either of them helps connect your box to the TV and get cable signal. If you have access to Wifi, an Ethernet port may be less important to establish Internet connection, but if you have wired connection only on your Internet routers, it is necessary to make sure that the inputs and outputs on your new box go well with the connection.

Higher Resolution – When it comes to watching a movie or a TV program on your Android box, naturally you would like to see it in the higher resolution. Almost all Android boxes support HD resolution, though some of them deliver better picture quality than others. No matter what kind of TV you have, be sure to purchase an Android box with the higher resolution (4K UHD) capability to help the images look sharper all the time.

Price – One of the key considerations for anyone who wants to buy an Android box is the price. Check the retail price of the set-top box as well as a monthly subscription or annual fee for online channel services, if applicable. Some boxes are free from usage charges, while others are not. It is helpful to know price information before making a purchase.

The affordable Android TV box market is growing faster but remains tricky to go through a pool of poor quality products. There is a limited number of products, like the DroidBOX iMXQpro Mini and the DroidBOX T8 SE LibreElEC, which both have got positive user reviews. To find more worthy options, consider visiting DroidBOX, the UK based Kodi powered Android box manufacturer as well as supplier offering an extensive range of products to choose from. You can even reach the store at +44 (0) 2037406830!


Why Digital Entertainment Followers desire the Kodi TV BOX?

Getting a portable yet powerful TV set-top box to play all possible media files on your TV is a great idea. If you want to enjoy all the forms of digital entertainment of any form of best video contents, Movies, and TV programs, just use Kodi TV box with all the features and functionalities you can’t even imagine.

Everything is perfect with a Kodi TV box: from catching up your desired shows on Netflix and playing high-end games to using a browser for net surfing, live sports or latest news. The Box also allows you to stream media content smoothly in any form of file or format to your home TV from your PC, mobile device, or the web for the ultimate entertainment experience!

Not only could your Kodi TV box seat comfortably besides your TV but also the Box is so compact in size that you can load it up to take it with you anywhere and even traveling abroad! Getting access to your preferred TV Shows and Movies on demand is another great reason to purchase a Kodi powered Android TV box.

People of all ages can benefit from the entertainment Kodi TV box brings on. Downloading the latest Android games for kids, or following amazing content on Pinterest the box allows you to get everything!

Keep up with the latest Kodi TV box updates, because updating the Kodi TV box is possible automatically with the OTA update service, while downloading the newest firmware directly from the Kodi media center.

Kodi TV box is an excellent entertainment system allowing your kids to play games from the Google Play, or amuse your guests by watching the latest movies without the need for downloading. You can even use the Kodi TV box to play selective Spotify playlists from your smartphone on your home theatre speakers and control it with a remote (or your own phone)!

Once you have a Kodi TV box in your home you don’t have to rely on cable service or old-fashioned DVD player to play the media content of the highest quality. Kodi TV Box powered by lots of Movie and TV shows makes other entertainment systems obsolete. It also keeps your TV area free from the messy cables, wires and cords due to its versatility and compact size!

Almost all Kodi TV boxes offer multi-channel surround sound effect. Most offered TV Boxes even have optical audio output to let you enjoy superior sound perfectly fitted into your home entertainment system. Dolby and DTS 5.1 are audio formats run on Kodi media system.

In conclusion, there are too many advantages to choose a Kodi TV box. And this means more live TV, more Movies and more fun of using all the latest game and social media apps! Don’t also forget the audio//video streaming services, web surfing, and even using a Skype to call friends and family. Consider all these advantages today and upgrade your home to the highest level of digital entertainment!

Just remember – all this is possible with just one compact, amazing looking Kodi TV box from DroidBOX!

To check the list of Kodi TV boxes and their pricing, call DroidBOX on 44 (0) 2037406830 Now! If you order for £50 or more, you will enjoy free delivery in the UK through this local TV box manufacturer – just use the promo code DBX50FREESH during checkout and get your items delivered FOR FREE!

4 Simple Tips for the Best Experience with Your Android Kodi Box

Have you always desired for an amazing TV box to experience the best in digital entertainment? The Android Kodi box allows you to install Kodi application, add the desired Kodi plug-ins and enjoy downloading an unlimited volume of music, movies and TV programs. Additionally don’t forget that you can stream the live games and TV programs!

As with other streaming boxes, there are different methods to use Android powered Kodi box and make your entertainment experience even more enjoyable. We have come up with four simple tips that would help us make your Kodi box streaming better and faster. Our tips could save you from some misdoings.

  1. Be sure to exit Kodi application properly

Kodi is a great media application having special features. You can use it for playing music and movies from a local network and also to stream content online. Kodi has its own features that may show up with the wrong operation. One of them is not closing Kodi from the home screen properly. If you don’t click the power icon in the lower left-hand corner to exit the application, it continues to run in the background. This mistake might even result in the Kodi “Blank Screen” error! However, this is easily avoided by clicking the icon and then selecting the exit icon in the pop-up menu.

  1. Download multiple add-ons In Kodi

It is another tip for making the most of your Android Kodi box. You might be aware that Kodi add-ons (such as Phoenix and Exodus) are some of the most reliable and consistently performing ones. However, sometimes your downloaded unfamiliar add-ons may stop performing sometimes. Generally, having no needed add-ons may hamper your entertainment. So, just explore a bit for some for the alternatives of the add-ons you presently use and never stop enjoying your Android Kodi at its full power, even if some of your Kodi add-ons fail.

  1. Use the Ethernet connection for consistent signal

WiFi connections are used by Kodi box users for an affordable cost, the signal may be less stable than Ethernet at a time. You are advised to put the Android Kodi box no more than within 10 feet radius of your WiFi router for the best signal strength and stability. If such positioning looks impossible, make sure to reset the router about every week if performance is less efficient than it was expected. Another alternative to WiFi is using good old Ethernet connection which is more reliable for any stable entertainment.

  1. Share your own experience or ask questions – communicate!

Another tip is always to share your own experience with other Kodi box users and extend entertainment to them as well, thus upholding Kodi open community principles. If you have tried something unknown yet or found out a great feature or shortcut, consider sharing it with others. It could to help someone who is using an Android Kodi Box like you. Write it in, post a review and let others get the message easily. Again if you need any expert consultation or assistance, you can ask openly as well.

We are sure that the tips above will help you get entertained at its best while using your Android Kodi box. We at DroidBOX, has a great collection of compact and efficient Android powered Kodi boxes that will amaze you with their superior technical features and entertaining abilities. If you are interested to place an order for any of our Kodi boxes, connect to DroidBOX on 44 (0) 2037406830. Additionally, keep in mind the above tips in order to be sure that you get the entertainment for the best value with your new purchase. At least, you will enjoy faster streaming of movies and TV programs that will lead to a great experience!

5 Benefits Which Prove an Android TV Box is A Better Alternative to Cable TV

You may agree or not but the Internet nowadays is the greatest replacement for Cable TV. Live TV services such as Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and Prime have an unimaginable number of the latest movies and TV programs to stream onto your TV. Live streaming has now redefined the experience of home entertainment and led to the trend of cord cutting. Also, there is an availability of more compact and efficient streaming Android TV Boxes, such as DroidBOX T2, DroidBOX iMXQPro V2, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast that are affordable investments and save a lot of money on your Cable TV service. Maybe you too should think of cutting the cord and dump your Cable TV service provider? 

Even, if you have been using the Cable TV for years, you should seek better alternatives. Nowadays, an Android TV box  emerges as a better alternative and canceling the subscription for Cable TV service should make sense for you. Before you call your Cable TV guy to cancel his service, let’s have a quick look at all the beneficial aspects that an Android box gives you. 

The Android TV box is built with all advanced streaming features to become a must have gadget for your home entertainment. With the capability to surf the Internet fast and easy, to play 3D games and stream movies and live TV shows, the ultimate choice you have to make between all these great TV Box devices and your Cable TV service is very clear. We mention 5 benefits of an Android box over Cable TV. 

1# Less Costly Android TV box

In comparison to the price you pay for using Cable TV service on a long term basis, the cost of an Android TV box is much lower. When you consider all the features of an Android set top Box this cost difference seems to be massive. 

2# Look & Feel of Games

With Cable TV connection you will neither have the fun of playing amazing PC games nor will have access to the range available for the Android users. Android powered games are getting more complex, exciting and engaging; with HD graphics and the fascinating game play. With the advantage of an Android game remote you can even have better control on game playing. Have you ever thought how much you can save on 3D gaming with an Android TV Box? Without wasting your time, it is possible to find hot selling game in the Google play store. It will either cost you a few pounds or will be for free! 

3# Multimedia Streaming Capability

With a range of the latest and easy to load applications that allow Live TV, multimedia on demand (HD video content and films), an Android TV box is incomparable in its capability to entertain. Imagine it with the addition of the simply amazing Kodi media centre and the next-generation entertainment is looking at you! 

4# Entertainment on-the-Go

Traveling or staying at a friend’s place, a luxury hotel or vacation property? Carry your android TV box which is compact in size and keep all of your favorite content with you. Since such a small device is carried in your bag, you can always enjoy entertainment on the go. 

5# The Best Android TV Option

The open source platform of Android brings you all the above advantages in a wide variety of Android TV boxes. DroidBOX offers a great list of Android TV boxes to pick from. Each of them is designed with different specifications to ensure you cinematic extravaganza. With an old world Cable TV connection, you may not have access to the fascinating experience of modern entertainment at all. 


DroidBOX has some of the top performing android TV boxes in its product list that would prove to be a better option than your Cable TV service. To live your movie/game fantasies with high level entertaining features, consider purchasing an Android TV box from DroidBOX with a phone call at +44 (0) 2037406830!

Best Kodi Box Of 2017 – Great Products for Streaming Online Content

If you need ultimate entertainment with great streaming on your TV then Android set top boxes with Kodi are a great choice. You can choose from the Best Kodi box on the market.

If you select from the best of Kodi boxes in the 2017 list, you will be able stream media files over your home network as well as from online services such as YouTube, Spotify and Amazon Prime Instant Video, with the flexibility to install additional applications and add-ons.

Kodi is one of the most effective streaming applications that can be installed on almost everything for perfect entertainment. If you set it up right and use with the right add-ons then Kodi will function well. If you use it on a tablet or laptop, you will have to continuously disconnect and reconnect the device when you don’t have it next to your display. A better solution would be to purchase the best Kodi Box from 2017 list. With the best choice of Kodi boxes on the UK market, you can now have a dedicated media player designed ultimately for streaming with Kodi. They are compact, stylish and can be left placed under your television at all times. There are the DroidBOX T8-S Plus v2, the DroidBOX T8 Mini, DroidBOX iMXQpro v2, the DroidBOX T11, DroidBOX W8 Pro and many more mini PCs which you can rely on to provide the best entertainment at home, with your family and friends all at an affordable cost.

The DroidBOX W10 Pro

How to Find the Best Kodi Box?
Both the manufacturing standard and technical specifications of the Kodi boxes should be given equal priority as they will decide the quality and performance of these products in the long run.

Checklists for The Best Kodi Box from 2017:
The best Kodi Boxes should come with quick support, affordable prices and quality materials.

Quick Support
You need to go for those manufacturers and suppliers who have their own technical personnel to quickly handle any issues that users may face during set up or operation.

Money Back Offer
Another thing that would add to your confidence is the money back offer provided with DroidBOX’s Kodi boxes. It proves the trustworthiness of a seller who encourage first timers users to go ahead with the deal, and try out the product.

Product Warranty
Make sure that the Kodi box provider is ready to support you even after the sale. With DroidBOX you get a great product warranty, so you can enjoy Kodi box servicing or repair during this period.

Latest firmware updates
The latest firmware updates will make your Kodi box perform better and faster. If firmware updates are available with the Kodi box, then you are likely to experience the best streaming pleasure all the time.

Affordable prices
Another important consideration for the selection of the best Kodi box is whether the device is more affordable than other products of same specifications and come within your preferred budget.

You can definitely consider purchasing a device costing around £79 to £118 for social media, gaming and entertainment online.

Quality Materials
Not every Kodi box has the same quality of materials inside. They may look amazing but you should read the reviews and find out their technical flaws before purchasing.

Be sure that the quality of the box is not compromised for the price as you are going to use it every day. If the box is low priced but looks great, has good reviews and has great functionality, then you can consider purchasing it at your convenience.

So who can supply the best Kodi Box in the UK on demand?
DroidBOX is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of Android TV boxes offering great deals for customers in and outside the UK. If you are a great fan of online entertainment, then you can order the best Kodi boxes from DroidBOX without suffering from any disappointment after delivery. To find the best selling Kodi Boxes in 2017, visit .

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Why Should You Buy A DroidBOX® T8 Mini Android 4K TV Box?

Are you new to Android 4K TV boxes? Need easy access to video, music, gaming and other entertainment apps? If so, you need the DroidBOX® T8 Mini – the up-to-date Android 4K TV box. This 4K TV box’s launcher is designed and developed by DroidBOX® for your convenience.

This DroidBOX® device is one of the best Android powered Kodi TV boxes, offering you access to unlimited video content whilst evolving the way of you watch television. Whether you want to watch a live football match, a specific episode of your favourite TV series or catch your favourite films, the DroidBOX® T8 Mini will be the perfect purchase for you.

Introducing the DroidBOX® T8 Mini:

The DroidBOX® T8 Mini, an Android powered Kodi TV box, has a stylish, much smaller compact case than its counterparts. It has many features: a fast CPU, amazing amount of RAM and storage and more. It can be the second device in your home (perhaps in your kitchen or bedroom), and is renowned as a ‘little brother’ to the T8-S Plus.

DroidBOX® T8 Mini

If you are thinking about purchasing a DroidBOX® T8 Mini, take a look at the benefits:

If you want to watch more media or need apps that tweak settings or are hunting for a large screen gaming solution, the DroidBOX® T8 Mini can be your one stop hub. It features hand picked apps expanding your possibilities, this DroidBOX® device can deliver all your entertainment needs.

Using your smartphone and/or tablet, you can remote control and stream to our best 4K Android TV box with the DroidBOX Share system. You can also remotely trigger your DroidBOX to launch applications.

Kodi/DBMC (DroidBOX Media Centre) can be configured to your tastes – you decide what to store there.

As the technological advancements go on, code tends to be improved and built upon, whether the entire application, Android version or simply just a graphical tweak. Through OTA (Over The Air) updates of this DroidBOX® Android 4K TV box are easily and directly handled by the device.

Droidbox T8-S Unboxing


DroidBOX® T8 Mini Android 4K TV boxes allow you to stream what you want, when you want. If you’re still not convinced, feel free to drop by and chat with the experts of Android 4K TV boxes at DroidBOX® today via or use our site’s live text chat options during office hours to reach us!

For more information about our best Android 4K TV box, browse our website today!

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Why buy the Best Android 4K TV Box?

What is an Android TV Box?

An Android TV box is an amazing and superb little device that can be plugged into your HD TV using the supplied HDMI cable. You can easily navigate around the device and make selections with the remote control. An Android TV box will allow you to watch hundred of movies and TV shows from the in-built Kodi media centre.

Purchasing an Android 4K TV Box:

Android 4K TV boxes do not cost much and offer some great features that will enhance your viewing experience. These devices run the Android operating system, meaning you can use Google’s Play Store to get access to tens of thousands of apps like Firefox, Pandora, Vimeo and more.

Before you get a top quality Android 4K TV box, you should consider some aspects, like if you will want to watch 4K videos or perhaps play games on it.

DroidBOX Q8 Android TV BOX

If you want to watch 4K videos, then choose an Android 4K TV Box with a powerful CPU and GPU. Otherwise, you will be disappointed with low-quality videos. For streaming or watching 4K videos, you must always choose a high quality Android 4K TV Box. On your Android 4K TV Box, you can use the preinstalled YouTube app that now supports and plays videos at 4K resolution.

You can buy the best Android 4K TV Box in the UK from DroidBOX; our devices are fully loaded with the right systems in place, which allows customers to easily install the most appropriate applications and enjoy never-ending online entertainment. Please browse through this link to make the right purchase.

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Know How To Make The Most Of Your Android TV Box

Do you want to turn your normal television into a smart one? If so, then an Android smart TV box is your best bet. An Android TV box possesses the capability to turn your typical TV into a smart one while giving you access to different TV shows, movies, live sports and also a variety of games and applications. However, in order to make the most of your Android TV box, it’s essential to understand how to operate the gadget appropriately. So, let’s find it:

Set-up Wi-Fi:

To make use of the Android TV box, the device will need a functioning and not locked down internet connection. The majority of Android TV boxes possess the capability to connect to the internet via a Wi-Fi connection. Making use of a Wi-Fi connection means you will need a Wi-Fi modem/router and an internet service that is active. To connect to the internet using a Wi-Fi connection, go to the Settings icon and then choose Wi-Fi from the Menu. After choosing the Wi-Fi menu, select the preferred network. After putting in the appropriate password, wait for the Wi-Fi signal to emerge in the bottom-right side of the monitor.

XBMC Dual core Android tv Box

Get acquainted with XBMC:

XBMC is a media centre that enables you to view your desired media. XBMC encompasses a home screen, featuring Videos, Music, Pictures, Programs and Settings (System). You should be acquainted with how XBMC works in order to utilize the TV box appropriately. Clicking on the relevant menu in XBMC will take you to further screens where you can add or view games, music and other kinds of media. XBMC has a diverse range of skins that can radically alter the appearance.

Set up Fusion:

To download popular add-ons effortlessly you will need to install the Fusion repository in your Android TV box. Specially manufactured for Android TV boxes, Fusion grants access to a wide selection of add-ons. These add-ons can be installed to further broaden the sources used to find media. There are several tutorials online that can assist you perform Fusion installation appropriately.

Make use of a wireless keyboard:

Making use of a wireless keyboard rather than a standard infrared-only remote control greatly eases your naivgational experience. With a wireless keyboard it is much easier to enter text and look for media on the Android TV box. Most wireless keyboards encompass a touchpad mouse, which eliminates the drudgery of manually scrolling down with repeated button presses.

DroidBox Wireless Mini Keyboard

Buy an Android Smart TV box from DroidBOX and be in touch with your favorite sports, TV programmes or games forever. To know more, Stay social with us on: Facebook, Twitter, Google+


DroidBOX iMXQpro – Best Android 4K TV Box For Entertaining Experiences

The current trend says Android 4K TV boxes are very popular nowadays. This is due to the fact that many people don’t feel comfortable spending a lot of money on expensive smart TVs. Besides, many of these smart TVs don’t run the Android operating system. This means you don’t get a wide selection of apps to install on your TV. This is the main reason why many people just switch to an Android 4K TV box. When using a premium remote control with your Android 4K TV box, surfing the web is much easier than before.

Best Device For Your Entertainment Needs:

There are many Android 4K TV boxes to choose from. Some of them are quite expensive and some are very reasonably priced. Among all available TV boxes, the DroidBOX iMXQpro can be the best pick to buy for your entertainment needs. No doubt, it will revolutionize the way you watch television, offering you great access to a wide array of video content and the ability to chat with your friends and family. Pre-installed with the latest Kodi 16.1 Jarvis, it can allow users to stream HD videos onto their Android 4K TV set up box.

Excellent Facilities:

With the help of this Android 4K TV box, you can access almost any movie and programme, even stored in the cloud, on demand at any time. To access any TV programme and movie on the web, you won’t need to download, or save any files.

DroidBox iMXQPro

Affordable Price:

Moreover, the DroidBOX iMXQpro can be a cost effective solution for those people who are in need of an Android 4K TV box at a competitive price, without any compromise in its quality and functionality. These boxes are available at £39.95, which may be quite low, but you’ll find superior quality components inside the iMXQpro.

iMXQpro can be a perfect device for live streaming with OTA updates and DroidBOX Share. No matter what, you can enjoy gaming, entertaining activities as well as browse social media through this device.

OTA updates and DroidBOX Share

Conclusion: – DroidBOX offers the latest, up-to-date Android 4K TV box, iMXQpro, which can enhance your experience of watching television by giving you unlimited access to video content at any time. Whether you want to watch free live football or a specific TV drama airing on Japan, India, China, Europe, Hong Kong and the USA, iMXQpro, DroidBOX’s Android 4K TV Box can allow you to stream them whenever needed.

For more information about our product and pricing details, browse through our website today or browse our social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+